What age children should play what kind of children's amusement equipment

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what age children should play what kind of children's amusement equipment

in the process of children's growth and development, often need some children's amusement equipment to help children's mental and physical growth. But, you know what age of the children are playing the kind of children's amusement equipment? Outdoor amusement equipment below small make up take you to have a detailed understanding.

children long height, long after the weight first. Childhood more muscle moisture, protein and inorganic salt is small, weak strength, fatigue, therefore, children should not be too early for the power of muscle weight bearing exercise. Should not play bumper car children under the age of 10 muscle, ligament and bone and connective tissue are immature, very fragile, strong collision sprain and bruised. Love to play is the nature of children, but for the choice of the game, adult should have a certain understanding, according to the actual situation to children playing good combination slide or frame, etc. For some games at the same time, try to avoid the child to play, such as tug of war. Children should not be tug-of-war

in the development of children's heart is, when the body load increase, mainly rely on heart rate increases to increase blood flow, heart tired easily. Data shows, 250 children aged 5 ~ 6 tug-of-war heart rates are high, after 1 hour after the game there are 30% of the children's heart rate has not been able to return to normal. In addition, the tug of war also easy to make children hand skin is the rope worn out, due to pull time is too long, too hard, even in the function of strong external force, cause dislocation or soft tissue injury, affect children's athletic.

outdoor play equipment children should not be inverted although infants of intraocular pressure regulating function is stronger, but if the regular stand or balance time is too long, can damage the eyes of the intraocular pressure regulation. Eight children under the age is unfavorable skateboards car body is in a critical period of development, if long-term skateboards car, there will be a leg muscles are developed, influence your body's comprehensive development, and even affect the development height. In addition, the waist, knee and ankle when playing scooter need to vigorously support the body, these parts are very easy to hurt. Outdoor amusement equipment in the face of the child's growth, parents want to have more options on the game, at the same time also can accompany children to play with rides, such as combination of slides, naughty fort, yoyo and so on, has the adults around, they can also play safe and happy.
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