What about production equipment?

Introduces the highly advanced equipment to produce america water park . We are equipped with advanced production lines which guarantee the smooth and automatic operation, improving the production efficiency. To cater to higher requirements of customers, we have been updating our equipment as well as production technology to ensure the high quality of products and high precision during each production process.

Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd is a well-known company in small inflatable water park area with its flagship product being inflatable floating water park. The giant inflatable series is shown as follows. Our Inflatable Water Park are safe and harmless. . The comprehensive mechanical properties of inflatable water park,water park equipment manufacturers are improved compared with those of other brands. Our customers can design our water inflatables and send us drawing to produce. For anchor rings, we always use 316 stainless steel which last longer in water.

Striving to be a professionalist of inflatable floating water park industry is our goal. Check it!
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