Web celebrity trampoline park don't pick season every season is a good time still hesitant

2019 - 10 - 28 09:37:03

in years, there is a on the trampoline according to the latest data: number of trampoline theme park conservative domestic at around three thousand. Based on such a big trampoline join cardinality, investors will choose a more intelligent in technical level and word of mouth big trampoline venues to join us. So, bungee trampoline join which good? Through to the market to a regional research results show that more and more investors choose group is made in this play.

these investors will choose to play mainly according to the following forms of transition

1. Good public praise propaganda, through actual investigation of venues, talk to the venue of the investors, which is in the trampoline manufacturer reflects the principle of new and old customers to pull customers;

2。 Through the network propaganda, because our website has been ranked in ranking the front page of nature;

3。 Advertising market, will have our ads in each big stores.

for elastic trampoline manufacturer which is good, after investors through these understanding, linked to the us - — Amusement equipment

the above said investors is through how to find us in the form of, then is why to choose us, the theme of the spring trampoline park manufacturer we showed better than any other manufacturer place in where?

1。 Has a good reputation and popularity. In amusement equipment design and installation of stores worldwide has more than 350, with such a vast data has been directly to lay the foundation of the best brand. Elastic trampoline pavilion to choose which good, is to choose trampoline investment market influential manufacturers.

2。 With integrated service function. Now the trampoline industry investment, is basically a trampoline FuYe, actually I had already have a lot of other stores. So, spend time and effort in joining bungee trampoline is not so enough, they will usually choose outsourcing the whole project. From the start location at the end of the opening, are responsible for directly by the trampoline manufacturer. Our service is just can be directly through 14 s service, for customers to build elastic trampoline joined, which will be based on the best service.

3。 Equipment of the professional custom

because we are not able to fully guarantee, investment in elastic trampoline pavilion will choose the above said to the integration of service, but equipment is that they must be prepared. In fact, the equipment is a very troublesome thing for investors, the need to go to the, understanding, purchase, transportation, after-sales service, and join the group, on product equipment have more choice space.

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