water trampolines

Usually, when you think of a trampoline, you don\'t draw a trampoline in the middle of your favorite lake, but that\'s exactly where you might see the trampoline next summer.
They are called water trampoline and their popularity among the younger generation is rising at an incredible rate.
So what is the water trampoline?
Picture, a large floating rubber donut up to 25 feet if you want (8 meters)
In diameter, the donut part is filled with air and floating in your favorite lake or pool.
In the middle and top of this large inner tube, the manufacturer has placed a large round jump mattress.
As a result, the fully functional trampoline hangs a few feet above the water, and the edge of the trampoline mat is attached to the large rubber donut.
Since the popularity of water parks in hotel resorts and theme parks, entertainment companies have been trying to find a way or product to get kids back into the water of a local lake or river.
Water parks and slides are very interesting for children, but they are expensive to build and maintain and do not have enough money to meet the needs.
If a family lives in a small town, they usually need to drive a day or more in order for the children to go to the water park.
Even so, the incredible crowds and long queues have greatly reduced the fun.
The answer to this question is probably the water trampoline.
It combines the fun factor of water sports with the fun and exercise of jumping up and down on the trampoline.
It is safe and may bring children closer to home and family.
You can add incredible accessories to the water trampoline and you can make your own water park.
You can add diving towers, water slides, stairs and plastic logs to it;
Even the plastic landing platform so you can launch yourself from the trampoline and then land on the landing platform instead of on the water.
They are almost entirely made of PVC plastic, so there is no metal frame or exposed spring to impact if the kids are over-done
Energetic on the trampoline.
They range in size from about 10 feet in diameter to 25 feet in size.
Of course, you can\'t blow one of them up with your hands.
You have to get a separate air pump to fill one of these monsters.
The big ones tend to be expensive, so they may be something that a small town will buy for its swimming beaches rather than for personal use.
Of course, you can buy one if you want one. The small 10-
Foot water trampoline without accessories is generally between $500 and $600.
However, these 25 footers are usually in the range of $4000;
No accessories.
They usually take less than an hour to install or disassemble.
Once your water trampoline is in place, all you have to do is anchor it at the bottom of the lake so that it doesn\'t drift away, and you and the kids can all have the incredible fun of hours.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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