Water park, water park investment prospect design process

< p > 1, investment planning research project to the tourism market, social economy, competition, etc. , determine the market positioning of the project. Based on the principle of optimal investment returns, determine the reasonable project investment and the investment proportion of each function module. Core is a good steel used in the blade, with good money, under the certain investment mold project. The same project investment, the stronger the attraction, the higher value. < / p > < p > 2, brand planning, according to the investment planning ideas, carry out market positioning and build attraction, determine the project brand strategy and competition strategy. Core is the target consumer groups, identify customer needs, from the Angle of the project the future marketing, entertainment ideas, planning point and selling point of the project, build the project process play a unique tourist experience, it is the key to the project characteristics and differentiated. < / p > < p > 3, design planning is according to the investment planning and brand planning ideas to design implementation. Surrounding the project characteristics and differentiated, carries on the design content of the overall organization and deepen. Core is put forward the planning idea, determine the construction contents and functional partition, architectural style, cultural theme and water park equipment, and analyzes the feasibility, for subsequent design provides the key domain function controlling technical index requirements or guidance. < / p > < p > 4, overall planning and design < / p > < p > through overall planning and design to express the construction contents and layout of the project, confirm the space position relation in different functional areas of the project and its connection with the external relations, proposed the main landmark building modelling solutions and important nodes landscape, design key points, and points out that reasonable water park equipment. < / p > < p > 5, preliminary design, design in accordance with the overall plan for further deepening division specific design steps, will refine entertainment ideas and key points of the core project, set solve technical scheme and main parameters. < / p > < p > 6, construction drawing design, general layout in detail, and specialized in detail, construction budget, express the details of the specific size, materials, practice and technical requirements, each professional construction goal is to be able to know. < / p >
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