Water park project steps

< p > since entering the new century, water park, investment is becoming more and more popular, all over the country raised a hot wave of investment to build water park, and its construction is convenient and flexible. So what is a water park project steps? < / p > < p > a, the location of the water park project < / p > < p > the success of a water park and site selection of the intimate contact, if it is in the provincial capital city, choose a convenient transportation, covering business circle campus and residential area is especially important. Of course if it is in smaller cities such as city or prefecture level, some location relative to the flexibility, limit not so big. < / p > < p > 2, the construction site < / p > < p > before the installation of water park equipment, need to arrange for civil work, such as installing a water slides in advance to build the platform and pool, artificial waves need to build good made waves pool and rooms. And the construction of the campus environment should also be ahead of time, in order to better complete the equipment installation. Matters which should pay attention to indoor water park when decorating children: < / p > 1, wall body, ground and partition requirements: < p > 1. The wall can choose environment-friendly besmear brushs emulsioni paint, can make whole wall paint; Downy and sweet parents rest area can use emulsioni paint or wallpaper patterns. < / p > < p > (2) the ground can use anti-skid plastic floor, soft and slippery, can prevent the child fall accident; < / p > < p > (3) the with parents rest area according to the actual situation, among the big glass Windows can use ground glass curtain wall or partition as interval, is conducive to protect the indoor area heat loss, not easily and convenient for the parents in the rest area to watch children play more clearly, increase to watch. < / p > 2, indoor water park, water pipes, heating and the circuit requirements: < p > 1) indoor water park for children to feed line has no special requirements, and large displacement of drainage pipe has certain requirements, the pipe is chosen mostly head diameter is 75 mm - 110 mm, such as the field needs or special circumstances can choose 160 mm. < / p > < p > (2) the paddling pool, swimming pool and the tub and main drains can joint pipe with a diameter of 50 mm - 100 mm hose. < / p > < p > (3) line setup to get straight as far as possible, less curved. As far as possible to shorten the length of the line, especially the suction culvert, in order to reduce heat loss. < / p > < p > (4) because indoor children's water park area is large, usually hundreds or even thousands of square, then the need to supply hot water is very big, can choose to air or gas boiler for heating boilers. < / p > < p > air can easily influenced by ambient air environment of the boiler, especially in the north, the weather is colder, the environment temperature is lower, its manufacturing hot effect will be reduced; And because natural gas boiler heating speed and large flow, low running cost and be a good choice, but the businessman opened ahead of natural gas pipeline. < / p > < p > 5 children by indoor water park, humidity is big, so the wire should be embedded type, all the metal parts and devices are connected to, lights, and heating equipment must be grounded line, and as far as possible away from the and swimming pool indoor water amusement facilities. < / p > 3, interior decoration and music requirements: < p > 1) Children the most preferred color is tonal, so for the children to build a full of fantasy color artistic conception are more likely to produce visual stimuli, so, on the design of the wallpaper and condole top, can choose bright blue, the color of red, green, let a person happy. < / p > < p > 2) In children play in the whole process, background music slowly tender light, some music to play rhythm is obvious, lively, indoor children's water park, domestic demand is equipped with a full range of broadcasting audio facilities. < / p > 4, indoor temperature and humidity requirements: < p > a. Poor children to produce heat and cooling ability than adults, so indoor children needs to keep constant temperature water park. Water temperature is 32 ℃ ~ 34 ℃ in winter, summer in 30 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, ensure that children paddle when don't catch cold. < / p > < p > b。 Indoor water park for children to keep a certain humidity, is beneficial to increase air thermal conductivity, but not more than 75% relative humidity, the most suitable environment for children's humidity is about 50% ~ 65%. < / p > 5, indoor smell requirements: < p > in the indoor water park, children put some natural fragrance, can stimulate the children's happy mood, let the children in the water sports, strengthen the visual, hearing, touch, smell and so on synchronous feeling combination stimulation, not too strong fragrance, about 3 - 4 weeks or so change the fragrance. < / p > 6, indoor ventilation and disinfection requirements: < p > 1 indoor children's water park because of the humidity and the sealed tightly, tends to produce mildew stains and peculiar smell, therefore, needs to have good ventilation conditions, require special ventilation installation, to eliminate moisture and often dirty air and change into the fresh air. Fresh air equipment installation should be far away from the water. < / p > < p > 2 play pool and the pool of water must be disinfection sterilization, can consider to use of broad-spectrum efficient way of ozone sterilization; Demands are equipped with special disinfection equipment, simple operation, easy maintenance, safe and reliable. < / p >
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