want to walk on water? think again before getting in a \'water ball\'

Who never dreamed of walking on the water?
In many amusement parks, stadiums and shopping centers, consumers can do this in the \"water walking ball ---
A large, inflatable, transparent plastic ball that one can climb in is actually walking on the water.
There are many brands and riding names for water walking balls, which can be found in fountain pools and swimming spots all over the country.
Some homeowners even put them in the pool in the backyard. But now the U. S.
Commission on Consumer Product Safety (CPSC)
Consumers are required to stop using these balls.
The company says there are serious security problems.
Think of it as being locked in your personal beach ball.
One person climbs the ball, the ball is inflated with a blower through the zipper opening, and then the zipper is closed to make the ball airtight.
There\'s five to seven minutes of oxygen inside.
The ball and its passengers can roll on surfaces such as grass, ice or water.
Some people try to walk into them.
However, the ball does not have an emergency exit and can only be opened by people outside the ball.
CPSC says pre-
Using these water balls can make the medical conditions of the existing heart, lungs and breathing difficulties worse.
\"Water balls are mainly used as recreational facilities for children,\" said Carl Purvis, spokesman for CPSC . \".
\"We want to be a whole
Try to alert consumers before someone is seriously hurt or killed.
\"CPSC says there is a high risk associated with water polo.
Because the ball is not breathable, the oxygen inside will soon run out and carbon monoxide will accumulate.
The ball has no padding, so if the ball collides or falls from the pool onto a hard surface, it gets hurt.
Since balls are also used in open waters, they may be hit or hit by solid objects such as the dock by ships.
\"If there is a leak or puncture of the ball, it is possible to drown,\" Purvis said . \".
Two incidents involving the product were reported, according to CPSC. In one, a five-year-
After spending some time in a water ball, it was found that the old children in Massachusetts were slow to respond.
In the second event, when the ball fell from above, a person inside the ball broke
Ground swimming pool on the ground.
Water polo has been banned in several states and a licence for rides using the product has been rejected.
The owner of a water park in South Carolina told ABC News that he asked not to use his name.
He has been using the water polo for three years and has no injuries or complaints.
He said he asked his customers to be at least five years old and had requirements for weight and height.
\"I won\'t let customers use the ball for more than three minutes,\" he said . \".
But now, with the new warning from CPSC, he says he will change his operating procedures.
\"I won\'t use them until they come up with some sort of regulation. I won\'t re-
Until they come up with some guidelines.
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