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2020 - 03 - 19 15:16:30

as outbreak was controlled, the national other provinces other than hubei basic has returned to normal operation, so the national each big small and medium-sized places such as amusement parks, scenic area has become the sealed place for two or three months later generations flow increase, so the relevant premises in order to better implement, head of the people's entertainment experience, specially contact amusement equipment on-site planning field. As our living standards improve, people more and more high to the requirement of entertainment mode and entertainment experience. As amusement sites and scenic spots, we need is not only to provide visitors with a nice view or the same old amusement equipment, we also want to with the development of the society progress, we provide entertainment for visitors. In amusement to return to work this time, continuously with customers to consult amusement products, as well as for their own site planning, based on the leadership decided to have a choice of this kind of circumstance the on site planning and products to the customer operation scheme, even so, the company specializes in prospecting field professionals are running on the road every day. It is worth mentioning that this time the customer wants to know and buy most of the products is a web celebrity amusement equipment, after all these months people watch mobile phone at home is a little more, related web celebrity products then this time will be more tourists like. If you have the inspection site, planning, site operation scheme or other amusement equipment and related issues can contact us! wuguihuoche_0221/811 / 2019年/。 html
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