Want to run the square children's amusement park, site selection should be what factors?

2019 - 02 - 25 11:52:48

kids club shop business address is the following: 1, the business activities of high frequency area. This area is usually commercial center, downtown, business activity is frequent, turnover is higher. Shopping malls in the inn in inn belong to this type, at the same time the country has a regulation hereby advice on the first floor to the third floor is on the third floor above is not recommended and negative one floor underground business children's paradise.

2, high population density areas. Open a shop near the large area, population is concentrated, the population density is higher, are parents with children to visit frequency is relatively high, good business to do. In such areas, all ages and social classes, there are more customers and, due to the large population flow, easy to deal with the membership card, so suddenly flash sales won't fall, can ensure the fast-track sale of store cash flow.

3, the traffic more city center. Children's paradise in these streets, traffic, at Disneyland is relatively more. But want to consider which side streets traffic is large, the influence of several terrain or transportation should be taken into account, to select * location. For more than a few traffic, but if it is traffic arteries, are all vehicles coming and going, and that is not a children's park is very good choice.

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