Want to run the square amusement equipment, what factors should be considered?

2019 - 02 - 21 15:35:46

when children site traffic around the site and surrounding commercial prospects for an evaluation. At the same time also want to consider whether you need to go through the formalities of relevant industry and commerce, taxation, fire. Intention venue confirmed, contact toy company operators according to the budget investment situation. And let the manufacturer issued by site plan and overall quotation, negotiate good cycle of production and installation. Suggested that the operator in case conditions allow on-the-spot investigation was carried out on the children's playground equipment manufacturer, at the same time investigate provided by the manufacturer to other children's paradise entity shop equipment status conformed to the safety, environmental protection and the business status of children's park and so can be full of adventure playground equipment manufacturer which assess production capacity and after-sales service.

quality depends on the cost of materials and workmanship fine or not, some of the bumper car manufacturers in order to save costs, all purchase some inferior fittings, such parts after assembled, customers buy to return, in less than a month is always a problem, maintenance well after three days at both ends, not the parts damaged, that is the fittings of scrapped, bumper car is designed for children to play with, every day running, playing quality is to attract customers, the elements of critical moment off the chain, not only lost a lot of customers, can also affect the brand effect, do more harm than good.

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