Unpowered amusement facilities

< p > unpowered amusement facilities run by people in the air, the whole structure should be solid and reliable, and its important components appropriate insurance measures. < / p > < p > run projects, from the air in the naughty castle equipment there may be several project off the ground, such as drill holes, trampoline, wooden bridge and so on various facilities. While the project itself has set the insurance measures, but in the operators in the normal operation is to strengthen the overall structure, to protect important contacts and check in time, etc. In order to ensure safe in operation. In the next sentence said to 'hang take part with the number of wire rope or chain shall not be less than two. Connection part and reclined at the table, to maintain good balance when you should consider a disconnected 'also shows that the importance of its protection again. < / p > < p > apart from the ground 1 m or more closed the door of the cockpit, must be set by people inside can't open the two locking device or a locking device with insurance. Import and export of the closed cabin LanDang, locking device 'also should take the insurance. < / p > < p > the unpowered amusement facilities projects to set up different protective measures. In some such as rope slide can ride closed space, we need to ensure the safe operation of equipment, to ensure the sealing device is lock, lock and other issues, to ensure that children can free access to, in the process won't appear accidental. < / p >
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