Trampoline park popular with people and matters needing attention

< p > at the time of trampoline park to play, under the collision force and reacting force, bring you short out of the earth's gravitational pull. Before and after the left and right sides, rotating, jump, unlock various postures jump method, how to swing it doesn't matter here don't have to worry about strong body will hurt others, in addition to reduce weight model body, the release of pressure, maintain physical and mental balance, trampoline don't lose any other a sport. < / p > < p > jump not only promotes the development of the child body function, coordination, as well as to children height growth and brain development. This way of movement full of happy, relaxed, let a person moment forget all of job stress, but absorbed in return to the happy childhood experience with children. < / p > < p > on the trampoline do actions of limbs, especially the joints can be reduced by 80%, 10 minutes to do fitness trampoline burning fat with jogging 30 minutes. Can be said to be the consumer good a choice. < / p > < p > so the effect of the people's exercise trampoline park is very prominent, so more and more get of people like, the market is more and more popular. < / p > < p > before on a trampoline, with my coach to do some simple warm-up exercise, can rotate only after first stretch stretches the physique, jumping, do some more fun. Professional indoor trampoline within a setting wall, can do a lot of activities in trampoline gym, you can also get to know many friends, we play tired can be in the photo above, these days is like taking photos, so that their own trampoline pavilion of logo design in photo would be widely circulated in everyone's circle of friends, both do propaganda effect, and is very memorable. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > 1, from the position of the indoor trampoline park for, one to three layers should be set at the mall, it is best not to is located in the underground shopping mall or more than four layers in the floor. < / p > < p > 2, indoor trampoline park exit in should not be less than two place, best can have a separate entrance, when shopping for high-rise building, it is best to have a separate entrance, when < / p > < p > store for high-rise building, you must set up separate entrances and exits, fire exits should not place obstacles. < / p > < p > 3, trampoline park should be complete with sufficient fire fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicating signs, etc. < / p > < p > 4, park electrical cable must conform to the requirements of the specification, wear tube in place, the use of high-power electrical appliances should keep enough distance with fuel. Formulate feasible emergency evacuation < / p > < p > plan, and organize regular exercise, maintain evacuation channel unobstructed. < / p >
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