Trampoline park management

< p > popular sports foreign dodge ball with us a perfect fusion of rebound of the trampoline is interesting, cooperative and competitive with the doctor's trampoline project, into the joy of the environment, bring the child is not the same experience of trampoline. < / p > < p > the healthy growth of the children of the most concern of every parent, more and more children will learn and play, let the children grow and harvest happiness, release the children love to play with nature, stimulate a child's potential, to create a fun the growth of the park, at the same time, give the child leave the childhood memories. Experience in big trampoline jump jump, air, into the jump, fall into the pool, the sponge is trampoline movement's cool expression. < / p > < p > as people's emphasis on physical health, trampoline park market can be said to be more and more popular, so there are a lot of people want to open a belongs to own a trampoline park, but a lot of people do not know how to start, today we do it together to get to know a trampoline park management key. < / p > < p > 1。 Before the formal opening trampoline park, to do market research, market situation in different areas, indoor children's paradise schemes are also different. Market is relatively mature, such as a second-tier cities can accommodate a variety of indoor children's paradise of different sizes, located at the mall, can have a large and medium-sized indoor children's paradise; Located in the community, you can open a small and medium-sized indoor children's paradise. Want to in three or four line city/town area, the size of the market, the customer quantity is small, can choose the small and medium-sized indoor children's paradise. < / p > < p > 2。 After understand the feasibility of the market, is the need for site selection, site selection decision later success or failure, so be sure to pay attention to, the location of the general principle is to select sufficient customers, close to the target customers, traffic convenient location. < / p > < p > 3。 Amusement equipment choice is very important, as far as possible do variety of equipment, have their own characteristics, to meet the needs of different age groups. < / p > < p > 4。 After do the above points, must complete the operation management, improve the quality of service, to attract and retain the parents; Plan the activities of the rich, not to the child the same experience, the child's heart. < / p > < p > allows you to easily air bed < / p > < p > in leap like from thorns unbridled soar above the sky fierce bird < / p > < p > unrestraint, interpretation is the most appropriate for young < / p > < p > the next second, foot touch up face to release all over the power of < / p > < p > with higher oxygen face to face. < / p > < p > so on trampoline park construction, these details are not allow to ignore, so as to better profit. < / p > < p > more trampoline park information please visit: http://www. lanbaotoy。 com/ < / p >
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