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2019 - 10 - 11 17:11:50

toto sheriff motos: product material: more durable glass fiber reinforced plastic material itself weight: 69 kg weight: 200 kg speed adjustment way: stepless speed regulating motor: 350 w matching battery: 24 v20ah / 2 PC ( Amd) Cell theory using time: 120 minutes to 180 minutes matching chargers: 2. 8 a / 1 p form a complete set of lights: 11 set of form a complete set of 100 / PCS controller: luxurious intelligent controller + MP3 music downloadable startup mode: manual start + remote start/additive coin, brake configuration: electronic brake main colors: red, green, blue, green, warm prompt: fuschia, purple, gold one. Children under the age of 4 use must be accompanied by parents. 2. Electric bumper car can only run on the flat on the ground, uneven ground is likely to cause damage to motor and gear box 3. When using, should from the ditch, ha-ha, steep slope. Electric bumper cars carrying weight shall not exceed 30% of the standard load and overload on possible damages to the motor and gear box 4. Battery charging must be used to form a complete set of special charger, do not use the large current fast charger, large current quick charge will cause the battery heat deformation and speed up cell ageing, quantity of batteries in the battery is low, do not frequent charging, the charger must be far away from flammable items when charging, keep the charger environment ventilation, prevent water immersion. 5. Electric bumper cars for a long time when not in use and charge must shut off the power master switch, to ensure the battery does not drain.
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