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2019 - 10 - 14 11:25:44

we all know that amusement equipment investment is making money, but very few people will pay attention to the amusement of investment time is vital for amusement equipment investment. So many people ask amusement equipment investment of time what to pay attention to? Don't worry, small make up today will tell you, what time is the best amusement equipment investment of time. In addition, we as a investors naturally want to own the principal to recover as soon as possible, so that not only can make us have more sufficient funds, can we have more liquidity, and then develop more projects, set up our information, so that the investment of time control is very important, must choose spring is from march to October and Chinese New Year's time to invest in this season. Thomas bumper car is the production of Thomas bumper car class equipment, design inspiration comes from cartoons, Thomas and his friends, for the children all like Thomas equipment subject modelling, for customers to choose color collocation, make Thomas more novel and chic modelling, the battery and ground network operation mode of the two choices and gives customers a greater choice space, loved by customers. Specification: 150 * 95 * 80 weight: 60 kg function: music, timing, remote control, led lights, count, speed regulating speed adjustable. Battery: two pieces of 20 a amd battery, can run 3 - continuously For four hours, can run off and on for a day. 6 - charging time 8 hours, not long time charging, charging for a long time, easy to package, when the power is too low to charge in time, used battery 1 - 2 weeks, to discharge time, recharging. Weight: 150 kg, can adults with children. Wheels: explosion-proof mute solid wheel lights: a circle at the bottom of the colorful LED flash horn: waterproof speaker. Shell: gel glass fiber reinforced plastic, color is more bright, good corrosion resistance, weather resistance, colorful chassis: stent steel is qualitative, 2 thick. Steering wheel parts square steel three thick. The collision force is stronger. Driving wheel is 5 a thick steel plate, more durable, chassis frame for painting process. Collision: thickening rubber material, is more expensive than article foam fender a cost 100 multivariate, rubber anti-collision article than bubble bear strong impact force. Motor: 250 w brushless motor steering wheel: 360 ° rotation drift, shot back, use rise more flexible, more light, simple operation, more than 3 years old children themselves can operate. The two steering them more appealing to children. Founded in 2006. Dig up rapidly in central China, one of the city, is a professional engaged in glass fiber reinforced plastic, craft sculpture, amusement equipment research and development design, production, sales and service as one of the private enterprises. After years of development, has been with amusement equipment, find interesting city amusement equipment, suitable abundant logistics this several famous amusement equipment manufacturer maintain strategic cooperative partnership. Mainly for its supply temperature of glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, produce bumper cars a available is liked by the majority of children and parents.
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