These investments ocean ball concerns do you have?


ocean ball as the current project to the fire. But still there are many novice investors on the sidelines in the swing, concerns, you also have these concerns?

a concerns, investment funds

'your inflatable castle general how many money? Investment in ocean ball projects need how many money? Compared with inflatable castles, ocean ball project investment is a bit high. 'This is a lot of ocean ball makes investors. Of course, relative to the inflatable castle, ocean ball investment fund is a little high. But Marine ball project and the positioning of the inflatable castle is far different, ocean ball tickets for the play time is commonly 40 yuan/person, inflatable castle, general 10 yuan/person, thus tickets for the two projects set up also differs very big! So we can't simply to judge a project from the aspects of investment funds, to analysis from the late profit.

on the other hand, ocean ball is alive, can be customized, if investors upfront investment funds nervous, can make a small first!

three, site concerns

'I play this project to see you, people a lot, I also want to run, but I haven't. 'A lot of investors in aspects of the field have a lot of concerns. In fact this is not! Marine ball indoor and outdoor can run, so the investment field is live! Indoor, such as shopping malls in the atrium, such as outdoor square, scenic areas, playgrounds, parks, schools, etc are all a hotchpotch of good management.

4, need to do procedure?

also don't have to worry about the investors, the current investment ocean ball is don't need the formalities!

big five, the competition in the market?

ocean ball, as a new project, because of its low investment, good prospects for features and popular. Good project will always have a lot of investors to join in, so this is also the many novice investors are worried about problems. Two-child policy implemented for more than a year, the market demand is gradually expanding, parents pay more and more attention to children's amusement; Fast urbanization development, basic service facilities, amusement market prospect. And Marine ball project is a suitable for all the year round to operate the project, at the same time it is to play the crowd is children and adults over the age of three, for now is in the early stage of development, is a worthy of investment projects.

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