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The winter can also play bumper car here

by:Bouncia      2020-05-07
11 - 07 15:31:07

today is the beginning of winter, 19 of the 24 solar terms in a solar term, said from now on is into the weather throughout the year * section of the cold, as the weather gets colder, the operator is the off-season for many square? Actually not, bumper cars are now the ice in winter playground or square popular consumer favorite amusement equipment, snow and ice, ice temperature high flexibility, is a suitable for groups to participate in the form of games, many people participate in more interesting, you can chase in the game, collision and then obtain the amusement happy, relaxed, the ice temperature is not restricted by the weather changes, to experience pleasure in sports, exercise, help the children grow up, more suitable for the weather in the north, is ideal choice for many business investors, business is so hot in the winter.

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