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2019 - 08 - 27 16:16:59

in a park or playground, there are water amusement facilities exist, style variety, water toys. Any of a large playground, if it were not for the water park equipment, will seem particularly drab, water park equipment, after all, is the best way to drum up business. As long as the appearance of water park facilities design and/or function can meet the demand of modern amusement park, traffic will be very big, especially during the National Day and the Spring Festival, May Day, these devices can bring lucrative for amusement park.     Since water park equipment is called water park facilities, so this is the key in the key word. In order to let more attention getter water park equipment, a lot of water park equipment manufacturers in colour and function has made a lot of work, through vision and experience of ascension, to enrich water park equipment, previously drab play become more abundant, so, as long as the aquatic amusement equipment running in the playground, many children and parents will involuntarily drawn to it, to experience the happiness of tong qu.

located in kaifeng, a large water amusement park manufacturing enterprises, factory covers an area of 3 square, the company owns ( Large amusement equipment manufacturing license, large-scale amusement equipment installation professional) CARDS We are committed to water park project planning and design - Equipment production - Equipment installation - Operations management - Cooperation in investment, we based on industry professional technology, expand domestic and foreign markets, customers' word of mouth is the power for us to go on, we have our own amusement equipment industry one of the most experienced team, our products have been all over the country and around the world. We have a comprehensive office building, production workshop, professional design engineers, quality engineers, water supply and drainage engineer and electrical engineer, has a strong team of professional engineers, experienced construction team, at the same time independent after-sales service team, a professional water treatment personnel, has the most advanced five-axis numerical control technology production mode.

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