The use of bungee jumping

2019 - 01 - 21 15:52:31

a, 'bungee jumping' leading indicators 1, steel frame height of 4 meters, covers an area of 2 m x 2 m. This equipment is easy to remove, easy to move, easy to keep, don't need any ground construction. 2, under a trampoline. Effectively protect the safety of passengers, at the same time auxiliary complete bounce. 3, elastic rope, Malaysia imports bungee jumping bungee cord, 3 root per side. According to the different weight of children, increase or decrease in quantity. For the sake of safety, the use of bungee cord unilateral number at least 2 root. 4, children bungee jumping, tourists use under weight 50 kg. 2, 1, 'bungee jumping' play, and safety by staff for the passengers to fasten your seat belt, then both sides pull up traction rope at the same time, make the bungee cord force, fasten traction rope, can be used. 2, do not check the damageable parts of products and replace the traction rope, if found the problem, must be instant replacement or repair. Three, 'bungee jumping' the benefit analysis of the product for the customer to the economic interests of the how much? Might as well let's look at the. 1, according to the daily income: 20 yuan, each time run must be 3 minutes each time, 3 minutes interval, an hour can receive 10 people/time, in 5 hours a day: daily income is 20 yuan/person/h x 5 x 10 people, and 2 hours = 1000 yuan calculated on annual income of assuming that only 114 days, calculated on holidays are: 114 x 114000 yuan 1000 yuan/day = it's just a bungee jumping, so 5:5 x 114000 = 570000, nt, labor and overhead in this inconvenience. The above data are for reference only! About the product description and security matters bungee jumping bungee jumping bed bed instructions: bungee jumping bed it using a jump bed, a bungee cord and lifting column, let you to jump in 4 meters high up in the air and make all kinds of pattern flip, it is how comfortable. It can make you increase their coordination in the air, let the joints and muscles are characteristic of the tension, both can exercise and have a strong interest. Bungee jumping is a bed to perform acrobatic skills of competitive sports, it belongs to a kind of gymnastics, is called 'aerial ballet'. 'Bungee trampoline game, and safety of six support anchor for a limited length adjustment, convenient use, rugged terrain with screw after adjusted the reinforcement; Such as uneven trampoline, shaking the ground can be on the surface of the pile driving, equipped with wire rope to consolidate! Then for players to wear a seat belt, adjusting rope to pull the players from the jump bed nets about 50 mm, after balancing bungee jumping! ( Use skills: 2 - 5 lighter child on each side using a bungee cord; 5 - Children generally weighs ten sides is using two elastic rope. So the use of bungee cord number is according to the weight of the players to adjust, so as to achieve the best effect of bungee jumping! ) Security: 1, be sure to check good product before use damage, fall off, installing accessories whether complete, make sure no problem, can be put into use. 2, by staff for the passengers to fasten your seat belt, then both sides pull up traction rope at the same time, make the bungee cord force, fasten traction rope, can be used. 3, check the damageable parts of products, and replace the traction rope, if found the problem, must be instant replacement or repair. Product packaging accessories table: packing: 1 trampoline 1 ( With black jump network) Packing 2:4 root two meters high support steel pipe; Support bar grapplers 2; 1 set of seat belts; Import bungee cord 6 ( 1. Article 3 m /) ; 2 the root (white nylon rope Coarse to 10 mm) ; Nylon pulley 2; Solid wire rope 2 sets; Screw number; Trampoline support foot six; 1 set of wire rope between weight from foot to foot, distribution installation CD to 1 ( It contains installation instructions) 。 Product features: 1, no electricity, anytime, anywhere can use 2, low investment, anyone can afford 3, up to 4 meters high. Is received with large bungee jumping feel as stimulus 4, tear open outfit is very simple, does not occupy a space ( Assembly in 10 minutes is enough to complete) 5, all kinds of stunts can be completed, can not only fitness, but also exercise courage, fully staffed 6, easy to operate and make money, more than five can coexist of bungee jumping. 7, bounce cloth is a waterproof, abrasion resistant, good elasticity, 8, make people: as long as 1 - 2 people. 9, to demand: each director 2 meters high, 2 meters wide and 4 meters. ( Sets can be combined according to the field size free) Without being limited by the space, park, square, shopping malls, indoor and outdoor use. Some matters needing attention of products: 1, the trampoline is high entertainment sports, after debugging good, just can be put into use. 2, bungee jumping bed only in the park, recreational sex square, pedestrian street etc. No traffic. 3, the trampoline age 1 to 10 years old, Weight is not more than 35 kg of children) 。 Children under the age of four, three must fasten your seat belt when trampoline and playable at the bottom of the adult guardianship. 5, the operator must be checked carefully before each operation seat belt is fastened, the rope is fixed. Before play. 6, check the various parts of the bungee jumping on the bed for loose or damage, found to have damaged change in time. 7, often not regularly use dry cloth to wipe a trampoline, maintain clean sanitation

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