The small details the payoffs of the playground equipment

2019 - 10 - 09年08:10:12

1, highlight your unique of playground equipment, let visitors feel the shine at the moment, think this is the playground of the environment is good, you can come here for a long time for sightseeing. Operators are for tourists, let visitors think they come here to enjoy life, so, first of all, it is important to health and the environment.     2, pay attention to the layout and adjustment equipment, ground equipment, including equipment division, should anytime and anywhere to maintenance of equipment, that is to say, the technician in daily tour field work, want to often go to check some point of equipment failure rate is higher.     3, can decorate some candy or small gifts, the children play ball, after the parents pay, can be used as a handout or souvenirs, or improve the preferential dynamics, for parents, at the same time attract children to extend the game time.     4, playground equipment choice: choose a few key creative playground equipment, good equipment not only can improve the children's curiosity can improve the popularity of amusement park.     5, don't increase the playground equipment maintenance cost and maintenance time, for the daily maintenance of machine is very important, to be able to timely solve the problems of the impact device performance, is the most effective measures to ensure the normal operation of machinery. At the same time, to do a good job of supervision and management is also a very important link, we need to do in the equipment maintenance work, work plan, layout inspection and examination assessment, assessment of rewards and punishments, a chapter will follow, illegal will investigate, make the target in place. In accordance with the relevant revenue and the evaluation of the equipment data equipment operating conditions, decisive decided to increase or decrease in equipment, introduce a bill.
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