The significance of developing outdoors

< p > outdoor development challenge mixture of high and low element, students in individual and team level, can be through the sense of crisis, leadership, communication, in the face of adversity and counseling training and promotion. Expand training emphasizes the students to study 'feeling', and not just to listen carefully in class. Research data show that the absorption of traditional classroom learning level is about 25%, and require students to participate in the actual operation of experiential learning degree of absorption is as high as 75%, can more effectively imparts information to students. Training is a kind of typical outdoor experiential training. < / p > < p > to experience, and experience sharing for the teaching form of the emergence of outdoor expand in participating at the same time, to complete an experience, self-reflection, get some inspiration. It absorbs the advanced foreign experience, at the same time, pay attention to the psychological characteristics and accept style to adapt to the Chinese, put most of the courses in the outdoors, carefully set up a series of new and exciting scene, let students actively to experience, to solve the problem, in the process of participation, experience, mental challenged, thoughts and students to discuss the summary, then through experience sharing, the feeling has the rich out of a variety of modern management connotation of humanistic spirit and truth. In the specific environment to think, to find, to wake up, for themselves, for colleagues, for team recognition, repositioning. < / p > < p > outdoor development training this form to be both safe and have fun, is easy to be accepted by students. But the ultimate goal of training, is to let students will gain in training activities applied to work. If lack of the guidance of professional trainers and opinion, it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect. < / p > < p > by outdoor development training, integration of the team, to discover the greatest potential for each person, this is the real meaning of training! < / p > < p > outdoor development training features: < / p > < p > into first: all outdoor development training program based on physical activity guidance, triggered a cognitive activity, emotion, will and communication activities, there is a clear operation process, request the student full engagement to achieve maximum value. < / p > < p > challenge: outdoor development training project has certain difficulty, performance on the test of the psychological quality, require students to challenge their power limit, cross 'psychological limit. < / p > < p > smelting team: experience the great strength of the team, and strengthen the sense of responsibility and participation consciousness of the team members, set up mutual cooperation, mutual support group team spirit and cooperation consciousness. < / p > < p > peak experience: in overcoming difficulties and successfully completed training program requirements, students can realize the victory of the inner feeling and a sense of pride, life rare peak experience. < / p > < p > self education: trainer will only before training course content, purpose, requirement and necessary safety precautions, it clear to students is generally not in the activity, also do not participate in discussions, fully respect the student's main body status and subjective initiative. < / p >
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