The royal carriage which manufacturer do?

2019 - 09 - Of the royal carriage 29 09:16:59

product features as follows, first of all, from the point of appearance, colourful, eye-catching, is the cool neon lights: high reflection neon color lamp, night colors bright, deep sensitivity to friends love, can download the replacement of pop music, sweet, crisp attract children's attention. It has strong bearing capacity, the car bearing limit is 450 jins, can take 2 adults and 2 children, using the amd four 20 a durable battery, let your car use time more persistent, * don't charge, before and after the car is equipped with radar, the anti-collision function, encounter obstacles automatically stop security upgrades, * important is the steering wheel is concave and convex non-slip handle children, bright color, the chassis of the lacquer that bake, is the shell of special automobile painting process is not easy to fall off, show my screen above speed, time, music, visual soc. Foot pedal, convenient operation simple, sensitive and convenient, two side has high confining gears, belts, appearance is the relief process, effect and chic, an eye, the pony vivid and lovely, with a handle, children can ride a pony holding hands to play.
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