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The royal carriage, patented product, can't imitate others

by:Bouncia      2020-04-19
2019 - 08 - 26 16:38:31

amusement equipment patent royal carriage with Europe and the United States the royal carriage modelling, the chassis of the lacquer that bake, shell automotive paint technology, colourful, eye-catching; High reflection neon color light, customized magic ball light, color and dazzing bright night, popular children's favorite. The key remote control dual boot mode. Can download the replacement of pop music, sweet, crisp attract children's attention

the royal carriage configuration

product features: forward, backward, adjustable speed, time, light, music can change, the motor belt drive, pneumatic tyre, key remote control, electronic brake. Product configuration: 32 a amd battery 4 pieces of 500 w brushless motor product material: thickening glass fiber reinforced plastic, inflatable wheels product size: 210 * 110 * 110 product weight: 150 kg products standby: 6 - 10 hours long life

products bearing: 450 jins

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