The quality of the bumper cars to be in the first place

2020 - 03 - 23 14:32:44

bumper cars should be put in the quality of the first Chinese there is an old saying called: 'the tailor makes the man horse saddle. 'For children's amusement equipment double bumper cars look the collocation of color is the' clothes 'and' saddle '. But we can not blindly pursue good-looking, and neglect the problem such as security. As we bought clothes and saddle cannot blindly look good, we also need to see whether they use the comfortable, whether there is a chemical substance harmful to human body, is incomplete. For amusement equipment we have double bumper cars which aspects of the specific requirements? First of all, double bumper cars shell safety problems. Where security is an enduring topic, so we priority to the selection of paint or security. So the safety of the paint what? First of all, when choose to use paint to assure the safety of paint to achieve national environmental standards, quality is assured at the same time, choose suits not quality problems in the process of use; Second, pay attention to air circulation in the process of shell production, improve the staff's working quality to ensure the safety of production; Finally, to inspect the products appearance whether the paint already smell all over the customer will not cause potential danger of health. Secondly, children's bumper cars quality problem. In the case of security, we need to consider the quality of the shell under question. Quality problem is the quality problem of the paint, we basically see gel coat color, color must 锃 light shine; Also focus on whether dry smell after serious, otherwise it's definitely not what good quality; Finally, the corresponding corrosion inspection, if using lighter slightly smoked black colour and lustre is destined to also not is what good paint, due to its antioxidant capacity is too weak how may be good? Finally, the bumper cars spray process problems. We all know that every day: line line out of the top three hundred and sixty. This tells us under different spray technology, finally customer oriented image also is to have the good and bad. Amusement equipment factory must adopt advanced technology, to hire a high level of teacher to work, to ensure the appearance of beautiful, for amusement park in purchasing motos amusement equipment best go for children to watch manufacturer's workshop, for the technology is not advanced, workers are not standard work we must not choose and buy. Amusement products are made of higher professional glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, each component is skilled master all handmade. Make the shell of durable, also do not fade. Welcome to visit our factory.
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