The problems existing in the amusement

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over the weekend and holidays, the number of tourists will increase, but amusement equipment did not increase, queuing to buy tickets have become a problem. Both men and women born for waiting time in the same degree of patience, once the waiting time is too long, most people will choose to leave. In general, boys for fun project time tolerance smaller,, girl to spur type project time less degree of patience. For children, amusement equipment shoulds not be too stimulating. Will want to close to its corresponding amusement equipment, so it can gather more people of the same age, eliminate inner loneliness. Give each other a little more play of good friend, more childhood spent a happy childhood. The safety of amusement equipment suggested that a certain amount of time trying to identify a, don't wait for a problem to repair again, this can be very dangerous. Regular screening to fully guarantee the safety of the tourists, let visitors enjoy the play. This will make their gains more considerable.
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