The new trend of development of the amusement equipment

2019 - 11 - 10 08:23:14

now popular development pattern of playground equipment, amusement product features and different slightly different, but the theme park in the nature of the product form to similar trends, namely, more focus on the landscape of contextualized, themed, dynamic design; Amusement products of participatory, interactive and experience; Series as well as the cultural connotation is rich, zero distance interactive performance, fixed-point theme show different tourism performing arts, such as the integration of content, etc. Playgrounds in the future business model will present the new development trend? 1. Fun novelty, will introduce the virtual reality technology. Regardless what s, rural or urban, age, geometry, people travel will always be accompanied by a 'early adopters, chasing, explore new' demand, therefore, through the application of science and technology, people create an unheard of in the theme amusement, never seen the environment, will be more attract people yearning, to experience. Widespread application of high-tech, build new strange landscape and experience class project, will be the future theme parks products should pay attention to a trend. Such as: through audio and video equipment, sensor technology, electronic simulation technology and various physics, imitation of the storm, the jungle road, interstellar adventure roaming, black holes, such as scene, let a person experience the experience of virtual reality and common sense; Or using the physics principle, make can change with the wind, or suspended in the air dynamic landscape sculpture, increase a sex, novelty of the project. 2. Rides type primarily motivated by the partial towards family participation and learning type is given priority to. Theme park development up to now, most to satisfy people 'thriller - Stimulus - Thriller 'requirements, off-limits in humans, or the mysterious disappearance of the ancient mysteries curiosity, or unpredictable future world from an amusement park for market demands that different partition of theme selection' Atlantis area - Lost the Maya area - Shangri-la area 'and so on, it can be seen. And with the increase of aging society coming, the traditional holidays, and mass tourism cultural demand, this paper argues that amusement project in the future will be more inclined to a family of 'fun' type. The increase of traditional holidays bring more likely a family outing. Began in 2008 with the national holiday system adjustment, the tomb-sweeping day, dragon-boat festival and the Mid-Autumn festival, makes the tourists travel characteristics have also changed, family reunions, increase the proportion of the travel. At present in the composition of theme park visitors travel patterns, family travel basic in the proportion of 10%, 20%, and a family outing during the Spring Festival, the traditional Mid-Autumn festival holiday season ratio obviously is a bit high, can reach 30%. Product selection for the future of the theme park, therefore, should be more inclined to fun, family type of projects, such as the merry-go-round, bumper cars and so on for young and old softer amusement facilities, as well as the specific performance, antics, acrobatics, circus animals and other interesting performance class project.
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