The new square amusement equipment tractor

11 - July 27 16:19:00

5 in the morning, amusement brand promotion activities - — 'Amusement' new amusement facilities conference held in company conference room smoothly. Company staff and customers from various regions took part in the brand promotion activities. Amusement company size, the product manufacturing strength, technology research and development strength, etc. , let the customer praise

in the company of the company general manager and factory director of the plant, customers visited the factory in hunan, amusement equipment products accessories, and watch the new rides the commissioning of your thunder beat demonstrate, in the process of watching, much attention has been paid to new amusement equipment products, led to a lot of customers don't consciously to watch the demo products. Affected by the national environmental policy, environmental protection type new amusement equipment products is the key of the amusement cling to range, customers not only focuses on the amusement facilities, products, and on the surrounding of amusement equipment manufacturers also was investigated, and the preliminary understanding, customer very agree with my company's products, hope to establish long-term cooperative relations with our company. Pleasure to take this opportunity to each customer will make customer benchmarking, and further enhance the strong competitiveness of amusement equipment products in the amusement equipment market and influence!

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