The new square amusement equipment listed on tractor

12 - 24 17:15:09

the tractor is pressurized by thickening steel plate by lathe, chassis is thickening steel tube, the load is big, sturdy, two pieces of 32 a amd battery, power 64 a long running time, the front wheel is 6 inch vacuum tire, the rear wheels of 7 inch vacuum tire, the brush motor is 350 w, high strength and wear resistance, shock for grassland and other low-lying uneven road snow, support more than one remote dazzle colour lights at the same time, the dynamic music, attract the attention of children.

1: console: speed, time, music, sound, etc. Be clear at a glance.

2: double wheel: human nature double wheel parent-child design, interactive entertainment.

3: feet trample accelerator: convenient operation is simple, sensitive and convenient.

4: monkey design: the front sides HuoKou, convenient take put battery.

5: spacious and comfortable seats, cushions for PVC environmental protection cloth material, wear resistant easy to clean.

6: safety belt: seat belts, protect the security of the users.

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