The new hippocampal beibei bumper car manufacturers selling

2019 - 09 - 29 17:53:10

electric hippocampal beibei motos wholesale electric beibei motos amusement equipment hippocampus hippocampus beibei bumper car design was inspired by the classic vw beibei hippocampus car shape, exaggerated wheel fender, former face design cartoon flavour is dye-in-the-wood, flat round before and after the shift, lovely lamps, etc. , make the person feels in driving a cartoon version of the popular hippocampal beibei open car! Width reach 60 cm seat design full consideration to the double ride comfort, surrounded by half a seat improve the safety of the use of the product, seat is slowly sinking, reduces the center of gravity, the crew at the time of taking more packages and the feeling of security, and reduces the vehicle collision impact to the human body. Seat and foot have prevent slippery design, make the vehicles in collision with crew vehicles can produce greater friction, ensure the safety of the rider. Product size: 158 * 80 * 145 cm packing size: 160 * 85 * 148 cm speed: 0 Weight: 100 m/min stepless speed regulation equipment 60 kg weight: 150 kg brake configuration: electronic brake, loose feet or stop control mode: manual start remote start product colors: red, green, blue, yellow control configuration: three generations of intelligent controller battery voltage display music configuration: fixed music MP3 music for motor: 350 w brushless motor matching battery: v32ah - 12 2 battery life: 180 - 240 minutes
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