The new dolphins beibei, another fashion square amusement equipment

2019 - 07 - 18 08:47:29

dolphin beibei is amusement equipment company in 2019, the newly launched a series of ocean square amusement equipment, novel and unique appearance, the body can be transparent, rotomolding shell resistance to touch now, high-end configuration, solid material, super long standby time, automatic induction light during the day, the dolphin sounds and reality background voice system, was introduced attracted a large number of operators. Our company produces the dolphins beibei plastic thickening is made of high quality plastic material, set up the skid steering wheel, flexible operation. Increase the seat space, comfortable wear, can enjoy the pleasure of playing with children. Three generations of the controller, the screen with speed, time, the volume can be freely exchange, easy to operate. Humanization setting, remote start, electronic brake, focus on each of the parts, more secure, more strong. Body a cool installed around the lights, the use of dazzle colour soft article lamp, article package type of lamp is not easy to damage, high durability, cool colorful entertaining diversions, bring visual impact, add a new idea to site. A variety of color, the color is impressive, represent different emotions and feelings of different feelings.

product features: forward, backward, adjustable speed, time, light, music can change, the key remote control, electronic brake

product configuration: three generations of the controller, 20 a * 2 battery, 24 v, 250 w brushless motor,

product material: body for engineering plastic material, plastic.

appearance size: 1690 * 790 * 1540

product highlights: forward backward rotate 360 degrees fun strong, stereo 3 d audio, car color bright, bright LED lights, attract attention, create amazing visual experience. Set up anti-skid wheel, flexible operation, can easily manage children over the age of three, increased the chair, comfortable wear, can enjoy the pleasure of playing together and the children.

business field: square, park, amusement park, residential quarters, shopping malls

parents is every child the best childhood playmate, as the saying goes 'confessions' with the longest love is love him to spend time with him, beibei, the weekend summer vacation with children sit dolphin is the key to cultivate with the kids. We keep her small, he keep us old. We gave him beautiful childhood, he gave us a colorful old age.

during the summer season, now that the order quickly, time and tide wait for no man, wait for the summer vacation will be finished, don't miss the best gains.

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