The new battery bumper car maintenance

2019 - 08 - 19 14:29:46

the importance of the new bumper cars daily inspection work, believe that everyone is focused on, to know regularly check the new bumper car performance for its application in cost savings is very critical. Want to know is in use process, if the air line continuation of storage battery it miles suddenly dropped dramatically in a short time, it is likely to be less a battery in the battery pack. At this time should be in a timely manner to the sales center or agent maintenance department to check, repair, or group. This can relatively prolongs the service life of the battery pack, greatly save your spending. In addition we also note that the new bumper cars to avoid large current discharge. The bumper cars in the beginning, manned, uphill to avoid instantaneous large current discharge slammed on accelerating formation. Later also noticed that is our new bumper cars the way it is forbidden to store electricity storage. Because of losing electricity storage, the battery is easy to appear the sulfuric acid salinization, this kind of situation can cause undercharge jams electric ion channels. Battery capacity will decline. With the popularization and use of the new bumper cars, more knowledge about it comes, we must use it enough to know that it can better!

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