The most profitable business square?

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when looking for a project we will find a lot of projects, the project is to introduce today is square toy car. Been to square crowd, real consumption is children, female consumption is in the night market, the old man go to the square just for fitness, the old man's consumption desire is not strong. Conclusion is one of the most consumption ability is the kid, square children toy is specially designed for children. Suitable for day and night operation. Square toy battery toy car, configuration of glaring light, music, and timing, so children like, operator is worry, also need not oneself to timing. The car to the preset time, the car will stop automatically. The car is equipped with a return to remind function, collect is also more convenient.

with lifestyle changes now, night consumption become a large part of the income, toy battery car is equipped with independent power switch, business can turn off the lights during the day, to extend the operating time of the car. The timing function, can according to your operation time requirements, set the time. Generally operating time is 10 minutes, when nine minutes back to return to remind. Body itself with music, the volume set size Settings, can according to your own requirements, the volume Settings. Music can also support body, SD card playback choose their favorite music.

square, many different kinds of toy car is also very important, how to choose to suit oneself square can choose according to their own business requirements for your car, can be placed in a square night without a care in the square, some need to be away from the square, in the factory library

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