The Mid-Autumn festival holiday, which small amusement the most money?

2019 - 09 - 02 15:56:50

specializes in large square amusement equipment manufacturing and research and development, the product was introduced attracted the eye of a large number of operators and consumers, on the square, and other equipment to operate square an upsurge in high-end royal agitation. This royal carriage with Europe and the United States the royal carriage modelling, the chassis of the lacquer that bake, shell automotive paint technology, colourful, eye-catching; High reflection neon color light, customized magic ball light, color and dazzing bright night, popular children's favorite. The key remote control dual boot mode. Can download the replacement of pop music, sweet, crisp attract children's attention; The car bearing limit is 450 jins, can take two adult children, appreciated by the users in the family; Four 20 a super durable battery, let your car use time more lasting a day without charge; 500 w brushless motor, durable, long life, small voice. Before and after the car is equipped with radar, anti-collision function, meet obstacles automatically stop, more secure. So can on the ice, not subject to any site restrictions. Children with the steering wheel, concave and convex non-slip handle, bright colors. LCD display, time, power, speed, time, be clear at a glance. With stepless variable speed brake, the operation is simple, sensitive and convenient. Equipped with seat belts, on both sides of the high WeiDang, protect your safety. Baby anaglyph technology on appearance, chic effect, attract eyes, in front of a white vivid and lovely, children can ride play with a handle. This royal carriage ride, especially suitable for the family can improve the fun of family members, but also with the child, in this society with fast rhythm, slow down, stop, take time to enjoy life, life is just a few decades, so a few years the growth of children, spend more time with children, the child is the center of a home, so spend more time with children, at the weekend, summer vacation, take children to the square on the royal carriage is to enhance a feelings of choice. The royal carriage is bound to cause the sensation in the square, each operator and bosses to see such a good outlook still etc. What, don't miss such a profitable artifact

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