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The material of trampoline

by:Bouncia      2020-04-04
< p> independent research and development, manufacturing, marketing, services, is located in the Chinese teaching of toy town, yongjia county, zhejiang province bridge has the registered capital. Products, research and development ability strong, all marketing idea, enterprise culture unique advantages, such as modern enterprise. The company adopts automated cutting machining technology, CNC hydraulic turret punch press, welding robot workstation series, such as cash and applied to the production process automation equipment, product quality is ahead in the Chinese amusement toys industry. Trampoline custom make people more healthy and happy is our eternal pursuit, give priority to with good quality products excellent after-sales quality. < / p> < p> this company product net surface made of the United States imported PE has resistance to sun, rain, anti-aging, prevent slippery, increase the pressure, is three times that of ordinary life. Woven for trampoline net surface using beef tendon. Net surface glue, can increase the elasticity. Product iron after antirust oil removal, paint spraying powder, with high temperature and electromagnetic technique of the lacquer that bake, with strong rust resistance, durable, all steel pipe with two-sided galvanized pipe production, trampoline specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. < / p> < p> indoor trampoline structure and advantages compared to other manufacturer < / p> < p> the first: the trampoline leather and compared with other manufacturers of sponge < / p> < p> we use soft foreskin 0. 45 - 0. 55 mm thick PVC ( Plato) Flame retardant, high strength industrial sewing machine cutting edge, the load bearing capacity is increased 1. Five times the trampoline mat is a pearl cotton with 8 centimeters thick cutting angles. Soft foreskin with other makers are ordinary PVC leather, trampoline mat with a single stretch of pearl cotton some 4 cm or 2 cm. We put below the zipper, reduced the production difficulty of manufacturer, increased use of fracture risk. Ensure the safety of the players playing can also guarantee the overall effect of beauty. The second: < / p> < p> a trampoline steel and spring compared with other manufacturers of trampoline framework we use specifications: 8 * 5 cm, 8 * 8 cm, thickness is 2. Hot dip galvanized pipe of 75 mm. Ensure the robustness, stability of the trampoline shelf. Can accommodate many people use at the same time, the bearing capacity of single point of 200 kg, plain 300 kg < / p> < p> other manufacturers: framework USES specifications: 8 * 8 cm, 4 * 8 cm, the thickness is 1. 8 mm steel pipe. < / p> < p> we trampoline spring using 80 # manganese steel material, the service life of the 32 * 180 mm tested 300000 times not to be out of shape. Other manufacturers spring more fine than our material, it is easier to pull open. We proceed from the quality of the products and do everything for the child, stick to the concept of quality and safety first. Used to illustrate the quality of our products, because professional, so excellent quality. < / p> < p> trampoline product description < / p> < p> certification < / p> < p> ISO14001 and ISO18000, ISO9001, the German company TUV GS < / p> < p> materials < / p> < p> 1. Jump mat: the United States imported trampoline pad 2. Plastic powder: from the Netherlands aksu plastic powder 3. Soft package: pearl cotton + 4 high rebound sponge structure. Framework: 12 * 6 cm, 10 * 10 cm, the thickness is 3. 0 mm galvanized pipe 5. Spring: the piano wire material, resistance to deformation tensile length is 5 times of manganese steel < / p> < p> advantage < / p> < p> 1. Smooth non-toxic, odorless, harmless high-grade MATS, widely used either as a children's toys, and can be used as decorations < / p> < p> 2. With beautiful, light and not wrinkle, not open his mouth, wear-resisting, durable, environmental protection, antistatic, antibacterial. This product adopts import PVC, < / p> < p> high density high resilient software materials < / p> < p> 3. Soft, sound-absorbing, shock absorption. Both sides is available ( Also can make double color) , has a certain slide effect, effectively block the ground cold. Installed < / p> < p> < / p> < p> professional CAD indicator diagram, assembly program and project case. < / p> < p> age range < / p> < p> 3 years of age or older < / p> < p> capacity < / p> < p> 50 - 60 people < / p> < p> application places < / p> < p> amusement park, kindergarten, kindergarten, residential area. Packaging < / p> < p> < / p> < p> standard export packing, flexible packaging PVC < / p> < p> life < / p> < p> 1. Plastic parts: 1 year < / p> < p> 2. Metal parts: 1 year < / p> < p> note < / p> < p> we can design according to your request. < / p>
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