The load, the real small entrepreneurial amusement equipment

2019 - 09 - 18 09:15:25

amusement equipment load this equipment positioning into two aspects: 1, warm field equipment, namely the drainage equipment, attractive game equipment, such as your shopping mall, which opened the supermarket opened, cartoon city, has opened for drainage, which opened in all walks of life, do activities, the traditional lottery equipment has been unable to attract consumers, consumers and preferred experience games under the new era, all want to get pleasure by yourself to experience or challenge and excitement to get the corresponding reward, so the load stick machine just meet the needs of the consumers. 2, hand speed limit catch stick machine also can be used as a small investment projects, such as place, night market stalls for profit, such as 10 yuan, 20 yuan 3 times, the challenger smoothly get rewarded 10 stick, caught nine stick the corresponding reward, caught eight stick the corresponding reward

, and so on, the load grasp why stick machine suitable for stall? Portable equipment, electric vehicles can be pulled to, battery type power supply, do not need the power converter is convenient, carrying even can go to the stalls, big market, back to the fast!

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