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2019 - 09 - 30 08:35:39

gas storage battery

new inflatable storage battery comprehensive upgrade,

1. Motor

inflatable battery car motor service life is long, is 2 - general motors Three times, are widely used in all kinds of electric vehicles. Our factory custom children's amusement wheel motor light, wear-resisting, no noise. Motor out for two years, this is any manufacturer can't promise.

2。 Mechanical brake

gas storage battery mechanical braking time is short, the buffer distance is short, more secure.

3。 Solid wheel

gas storage battery using polyurethane rubber abrasion wheel, wheel, better use of all kinds of ground.

4。 Reinforce the wheel carrier

inflatable battery wheel frame reinforcement, durable, not out of shape.

5。 Modelling is rich

200 cover at your option, modelling is rich, colour is gorgeous, popular children's favorite.

6。 Do the work elegant

gas storage battery using artificial sewing thin, fine workmanship.

more than two hundred kinds of style, for your choice!

shopping information:

1. The company's products are factory production, quality assurance, are the original pictures in, like customers take a fancy to design can contact: see the goods, ensure that the product details, the quality of the product. Our factory is very strict with product quality, before each shipment, inspection, debug various details, make sure it is products before shipment.

for products belong to large items freight, where different gap is bigger, to avoid damage in transit, reinforce the packing, the cost of goods according to the size and charge transport distance, use logistics to pay, if you have any requirements can be paid in advance. Strict in freight, please sign for it, be sure to check if damaged in front of logistics personnel, large objects, due to the logistics company transport process is damaged, please refuse to sign for it.
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