The introduction of parent-child bumper cars

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this product USES the design of the flexible cartoonish, this product both adults and children can drive myself, to walk freely, can forward, stop, reverse, rotating around freely. In parks, squares, large shopping malls, tourist attractions, city square and so on investment and operation, low cost, high return is your small investment projects. Professional technology, high quality service, quality assurance, let you zero risk investment, after all. !

configuration instructions: ( 2 pieces of 14 a battery)

1, the product specifications 131 * 110 * 75 cm.

2, vehicle weight 50 kg, maximum load bearing 100 kilograms.

50-3, speed 110 m/min, the speed is adjustable. Belt speed control knob

4, with electronic brake, feet and stopped.

5, 4 group of 42 lights, lights.

6, battery 12 V14A electric vehicle battery two pieces, can continuous play 300 - at a time 480 minutes ( According to the different load or have certain difference) 。

7, 24 v250w deceleration motor, motor torque, long service life, small power consumption.

8, intelligent voice MP3, there are many classic nursery rhymes looping, can also be any download, 1 - 60 minutes is adjustable, adjustable volume.

9, 12 v smart charger ( A) a computer 。

10, 360 - degree rotation, forward backward, omni-directional anti-collision, easily manipulated, fun.

11, body made of FRP upset all durable, automobile high-grade paint, bright color and easy to maintain, convenient cleaning.

12, glass fiber reinforced plastic thickness 5 mm

13, key start, the remote control options

use note:

1, 4, children under the age should be accompanied by parents, it is strictly prohibited into the human body, so as to avoid an accident.

2, the car starts, without stepping on foot switch, the car is in static braking condition, stepping on foot switch forward when required.

3, this bumper cars can only be run on the flat on the ground, stay away from a steep slope, gully, ha-ha, uneven ground, such as

4, bumper cars for a long time without charging and should be shut off lights and controller, such as the power switch in order to make sure the battery is not lost.

5, the charger must be far away from flammable items when charging, keep charging environment ventilation, prevent water immersion.

6, in case of strong wind, rain, snow, fog, hail weather, such as equipment is strictly prohibited in the outdoor open-air use, lest produce an accident.

use and Settings:

1, find a toy car power plug, check whether the power plug is connected and the red corresponds to the positive blue corresponding negative.

2, switch on the power switch and the lights, have music voice, toy car to enter standby mode.

3, insert the key, the music sounded, hit the stop switch, toy car into drive, loose open toy car stop stop switch. Common problem:

1, music does not walk, don't start and go on stop switch

a: check the car battery parts relays have electricity ( The little black box) Can put the relay 2 with red bold lines link to see if the motor running, motor functioning, energized relay can't suck or not and whether stop switch electricity.

2, bright lights don't start

a: check whether the controller red power light is on electricity, as well as the key slot thread is off.

3, able to operate the lights don't light

a: check that the lights switch and plug off

4, bumper cars stop-and-go

a: loose plug or controller battery's dead.

5。 No brake

a: check whether below the foot switch insurance tube well

warranty parts:

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