The influence of electronic products to the child

10 - 26 14:50:04

with the continuous development of production technology, the current smart phones, computers, some electronic products, such as the popular, became a fan of these products not only adults, even children began to have a crush on the equipment the use to see cartoon, play games, etc. Electronic products not only influence the baby's vision, can also affect the baby movement ability development, conducive to baby language ability culture. So how to let the baby away from electronics?

parents are role model in life, the children if their parents are often in front of the children for a long time to use electronic products, this will not only provide opportunities for contact with electronic products, will also be encouraged kids to learn the parents bad practices, until the habit formation is more difficult to correct. Parents with children have a convention, such as a day can only watch TV long time, after watching how long have to rest for a period of time, and then urged children to perform in strict accordance with the regulations. Because the child is not know restraint, if the baby when you look at, then parents can cancel a he wanted to do as a punishment, let the children away from electronics consciously. Parents can prepare some more for the baby at home children's toys, especially some toys that can be used for the collective game, such as building blocks, encyclopedia books, etc. , to encourage the baby to invite the other kids to play with, so can not only develop their social skills, can also train baby's share cooperation consciousness, is greatly beneficial to the development of children in the future. Besides can encourage the baby play with children, parents also can undertake some more baby and parent-child activities, in order to reduce the baby and electronic products in contact time. Often watch interesting books together and your baby, for example, play games to play with toy, or take the baby out to travel, etc. , already let the baby away from electronics, and help establish a warm and harmonious parenthood.
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