The history of Chinese amusement equipment

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leisure starts late in our country, China's amusement equipment development until the 1980 s, modern large-scale amusement facilities is almost blank in our country. Forward dates back to 1951 by Beijing machinery design and manufacture, installation in Beijing zhongshan park electric theravada chair, it may be China's first amusement machine. In the early 1980 s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the rapid development of national economy, improve people's living standard, people's demand for recreation activities become more and more strong. In this situation, domestic amusement equipment design, production arises at the historic moment. With the development of the leisure, amusement facilities in our country no matter from design to manufacturing level enhances unceasingly. Varieties more and more, from spinning to glide, from has the power to power, from fixed to mobile, from the ground to the air, from indoor to outdoor, from simple to comprehensive in before, but not in the national standard on the specification. On August 1, in 1987 established the China association of amusement parks, it is by the amusement machine industry and scientific research, design, manufacture, sales and amusement park amusement park ( Field) Management of enterprises and institutions in accordance with the principle of voluntary cross-industry, cross-regional, cross ownership of national industry organization, organization legal person is not for the purpose of profit, belong to the national level association. Its superior departments is the national state-owned assets supervision and administration commission ( Hosting department: national nonferrous metals industry association) , corporate registration administration organ is the national Ministry of Civil Affairs. The association to the competent business unit and corporate business guidance and supervision and management of the registration administration organ. In my personal sense, Chinese recreation amusement manufacturing manufacturing and Japan almost no gap, we even more than their Japanese counterparts in some places, 30 years ago, the Japanese have they built the products sold to the us to paradise, 20 years later, the Japanese used the dollar to buy our products. And built a park in China. It is enough to explain the unique development of Chinese amusement industry.

as to Europe and the United States currently manufacturing high-end products, domestic breakthrough, here I can bold estimates, we again with 15 years or so, China amusement manufacturing enterprise is entirely possible to developed in Europe and the same, even some of the products is likely to be more than them.

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