The development trend of the future light of the new small amusement equipment

2019 - 09 - 06 09:52:07

leisure as the third industry, how developed it is usually a symbol of a degree of economic development. Among them, the new amusement equipment as an important leisure projects, the development of it are obvious. The development of industry and new amusement equipment for the development of leisure and entertainment industry still has a great driving force. New amusement equipment, then, is how to promote the development of leisure and entertainment industry?

how to correctly choose children like amusement equipment # 5: in view of the children of different ages, should vary because of the child's age and talent, children like to play with that they can operate, too difficult to make the child a sense of twists and turns, too simple and make them feel boring. So, dear bosses should be based on age signs are used to purchase. Sixth: manufacturing is excellent, good use of material manufacturing, and absorb the design of the people, such ability make has a sense of worth. If soon being playing bad, children would rather desperate, because they just visit aroused and explore heart quickly doused. So how to put to the right? 2, for some slightly bigger children amusement equipment, when put to the reserved space is larger, a car started or passengers, immediately with passenger car crashed into the side, how to play yet, think about how to turn turn around, because of the space and distance is too narrow, driving up very inconvenient, will seriously affect the people to play. 3, the same type and the same size bumper car together, with small or large motos bumper car hit, small bumper car shell may be subjected to the risk of being damaged.

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