The development of China's amusement equipment

07 - 03 16:13:00

leisure in China starts late, until the 1980 s, modern large-scale amusement facilities is almost blank in our country. Forward dates back to 1951 by Beijing machinery design and manufacture, installation in Beijing zhongshan park electric theravada chair, it may be China's first amusement machine. In the early 1980 s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the rapid development of national economy, improve people's living standard, people's demand for recreation activities become more and more strong. In this situation, domestic amusement equipment design, production arises at the historic moment. With the development of the leisure, amusement facilities in our country from the design and to manufacture level enhances unceasingly. Products are inflatable castle, inflatable bounce, small and medium-sized machinery amusement equipment, series and other amusement equipment from spinning to glide, from has the power to power, from fixed to mobile, from the ground to the air, from indoor to outdoor, from simple to comprehensive in before, but not in the national standard on the specification. Chinese amusement industry since the eighty s, it had experienced before and after the fight baptism of market competition.

is a toy car for children, inflatable trampoline, inflatable battery car, bumper cars, various square plush animal car, rotating plane, steel bungee jumping, gout blunt shut, beach car, tractor, and other hundreds of novel and unique style. The company take 'the quality strives for the survival, service for development' for the purpose of research is suitable for square park rental use children's toy car, its products sell like hot cakes all over the country and overseas, through a series of ISO certification, identified as 'famous trademark', good quality, good service, your correct choice, welcome new and old customers to come to consult, negotiate business!

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