The choose and buy amusement equipment from the aspect of the entertainment performance

2019 - 11 - 10 11:57:37

general installation in the scenic park or amusement park amusement equipment, so the choice of amusement equipment to conform to the requirements of the to place area overall planning, because there are many different kinds of amusement equipment and different kinds of amusement equipment can bring different entertainment experience to visitors, also, different consumers demand for entertainment performance also is not the same, pleasure here to remind the broad masses of investors, when the choose and buy amusement equipment from the perspective of entertainment performance to choose and buy! Investors cannot blindly pursue 'novel, stimulating' and ignored the entertainment experience of tourists. Exercising hard, relatively stimulus, for example, amusement equipment such as large a roller coaster, the big pendulum, the space shuttle is suitable for young tourists; And movement are relatively flat, run highly limited carousel, bumper cars and so on for the vast majority of tourists travel tourists especially family. Therefore amusement park amusement equipment when the choose and buy must according to the target population, rational allocation of the different types of equipment. There are big gaps in all kinds of amusement equipment performance, even by different equipment suppliers of the same type of design and manufacture of amusement equipment, its performance is different. So when the equipment shaping, amusement equipment provided by the supplier, to fully research and analysis.
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