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The choice of bumper cars and the choice of operation sites

by:Bouncia      2020-09-14
2019 - 09 - 15 10:34:47

about playground equipment motos believe that all of us are not strange, it is an adult children love to play, then sprint into play not only to tourists cried enough, popular effect made it was deeply loved by investors. Usually use the correct operating methods and the good habits can reduce the probability of bumper car failure, improve its service life, thus saving the cost. So, how should choose suitable bumper cars, and properly installed? The choose and buy of one, on the choice of bumper car bumper cars should pay attention to what issues? For amusement park in the choose and buy as much as possible to purchase more models, so as to avoid the because of the collision caused by vehicle gap is too big out of balance. In addition, in the middle of the playground equipment and bumper cars don't will electric toy car in the same venue management, general electric's centre of gravity is higher, easily knocked down by bumper car knocked prone to accidents. Second, the temperature field on the choice of bumper cars must choose the field of level off is smooth, such as: smooth cement floor, ceramic tile ground, marble floors, etc. Why choose to make provisions of the relevant premises of? Simply crack in the ground or intervals will result in poor ride experience, also may cause the failure of the electronic components or damage, are more likely to cause the damage of the frame and the motor output shaft fracture and fracture of wheels. And bumper cars ground rough words easy to cause the wheel wear, causing the wheels often change, especially change the frequency of driving wheel will be increased accordingly. Not only around the site is not a ditch or pool, if any needs to take comprehensive measures of protection to avoid damage to the vehicles and the safety of the playground equipment accident.

for investors bumper car business site area is not the bigger the better, bumper cars, the use of a single area of no more than 10 square and not less than 5 square, on business field to have a dedicated framed, inflatable fence or barrier to prevent pedestrians into collision with the vehicle injury. Not only in business field around the ground or bumper cars have no sharp or edges of the metal, in order to prevent the sharp physical damage to the body and collision of the damage.

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