The choice of amusement equipment directly affect the quality and safety of amusement equipment?


  When designing products, amusement equipment manufacturers have deliberated on many aspects of products. Especially in the aspect of security, there are many requirements, these requirements and to ensure the safety of the passengers.

  Playground equipment product design requirements:

& emsp;   Can hold children's hands, feet, arms, legs and other parts, must be eliminated. Motivation, bumper cars and so on must be about the cushioning property of amusement equipment.

  Metal parts are not allowed to have sharp exposed parts, such as screws. If the child's clothes caught, will harm the child. The exposed portion can cover. When choosing materials, please use the high performance, high quality and durable materials. High speed quick playback devices, to prevent falling passenger, must set up security fence.

  For amusement equipment manufacturers, the choice of the amusement equipment directly affect the quality and safety of amusement equipment. Therefore, amusement equipment, small make up will introduce several selection methods for you!

  Motor quality and life

& emsp;   Amusement equipment is the core of the motor. No machine can't run, the motor is too small, unable to load too much. Therefore, when choosing amusement equipment, everyone must pay attention to machine manual.

  The thickness of the plate, the thickness of the steel.

  This is the content of the surface. As a service industry, the entertainment equipment is the key of the safe. Without a stable and strong architecture, how safe?

  In fact, amusement equipment, there are a lot of precautions. You should pay attention to when the choice.

  For amusement equipment, important target customers are children. If operators according to the market development prospect of amusement equipment choice, will have a better income. How to choose according to the development prospect of amusement equipment?

  1. Specially designed for children of different ages

& emsp;   First of all, amusement equipment should vary with age. Children like to play the amusement equipment is free, but to let the child feel boring, too simple and make them feel boring too difficult. Therefore, parents should be based on age group to buy amusement equipment marked.

  2, safety

& emsp;   Amusement equipment should be non-toxic, must not have sharp edges, do not use flammable materials. The combination of components should be strong.

  3, good appearance

& emsp;   Good amusement equipment can give a person a kind of good feeling, and is a kind of visual impact. For example: loud and clear voice, beautiful color and some special shapes, they can be used to stimulate children's visual, hearing, smell, touch, etc.

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