The characteristics of the gas storage battery

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our factory production of gas storage battery can be divided into single and double two kinds of models, the shell adopts high wear-resisting engineering plastic material made from; A single gas storage battery use 12 v dc gear motor; Double gas storage battery with 24 v dc gear motor, and is equipped with speed gear, reverse, music, and other functions; Configuration MP3 intelligent controller, it can timing, speed control, music, digital display, and so on function; The tyre is high efficiency, high wear-resistant type pneumatic tyre; Chassis for standard square steel structure, bearing more than 150 kg; Housing use PVC cloth of thickening light has wear-resisting, bright, beautiful, easy to clean, do not fade, etc. We can according to the customer request custom make all kinds of style, as long as you can provide styles we all can according to your requirement accurate playing board design.

specification: ( Excluding housing) Single gas storage battery size: length 120 cm, 65 cm wide double gas storage battery size: high 75 cm long, 120 cm wide, 95 cm, 75 cm high
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