The cause of the bumper car sought? Investment management bumper car should do?

2019 - 03 - 04 10:57:42

more and more people like to play bumper car, this is because the bumper cars can let passengers feel to the endless fun to drive, also can't believe the stimulation of collision, almost every playground bumper cars are integral to the entertainment. Passengers love to play, investors value the market, also have invested in it, so for some first-time bumper car, bumper car when the choose and buy, how to do? What are the considerations for investment of time?

in the first place for investors, bumper car when the choose and buy must locate which product to choose, now on the market there are three more popular bumper cars, battery bumper cars, the heaven network bumper car, bumper car, heaven and earth net bumper car needs specific sites, upfront costs is very big, the cost of the car and indoor decoration and wiring, less is also to 10 m or so, but the battery bumper car is different, the investment cost is low, does not require specific site, as long as it is flat on the ground can drive, the cheapest also to more than one thousand, a car more expensive also 23000, one-time order 6 sets, is ten thousand yuan, investment cost is low, the return is high. When they invest in the bumper cars, but also according to their own situation to launch, if they are to do indoor, area is larger, can choose to put in the heaven and earth net bumper car, upfront investment, also don't know my wife large flow field is not big, business is good, at the start of the can choose short-term lease, such as operation for a period of time, money is earned, found the site visitors are high, the market prospect is very wide, can by short-term lease into long-term, if is outside business, investment battery bumper cars, open operation, low investment cost, but outdoor operation, it will inevitably affected by the weather and climate. Second, what bumper cars to run when the choose and buy, must be combined with their own money, less money, suggests investing battery bumper car, don't need to take any risk, back to the fast, business net bumper car, heaven and earth investment spending big, need to take some risks, if the business is not good, no traffic, invested so much, when can I back this can let a person very hard and worry, and also needs to have certain management experience, don't blindly follow suit, must be combined with the actual situation of their choice for their operating temperature. As a bumper car industry professional manufacturers, still have to remind everyone here amusement industry operators, especially first-time investors bumper cars, don't blindly follow suit, see others investment which kinds of bumper cars to make money, oneself with others the same of choose and buy, want to choose according to their own actual situation, a distinctive bumper cars, both in appearance and configuration, play to innovation, especially in the same field and under the condition of the two rivals, you choose and buy products more cannot be the same with other people, otherwise can compete on price, only rely on price is to make money, is not how much profit can figure, must learn to innovate, put something different with other people, different, unique can attract more customers interested in play, to attract more and more popular, economic benefit will be better and better, at the same time in the process of business also should continuously grope for some practical experience, remove some bad strategy, in short, whether do card or promotion, the objective is to continuously improve performance.
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