The cause and the prevention - trampoline training injury

< p > 4。 Medical supervision should be strengthened in training, and cultivate a batch of experienced sports physician and rehabilitation, sui case damage to the athletes of long-term follow-up, aimed at the causes of injury and injury of detailed analysis, study the effective treatment method and the methods of rehabilitation after injury, targeted rehabilitation training on athletes. < / p > < p > 5。 Improve the scientific degree of training, strengthen muscle strength training, to increase muscle strength and function, strengthen the joint stability, especially on special technology action of small muscle group training. Trampoline athletes up when jumping height is proportional to the stretching force and the Internet. Stretching in pressure is required when the force value rise faster, big strength, has a long duration, so to strengthen the athletes the muscles of the hip, knee and ankle joints in a crouch condition of stretching in explosive force training and training of swing arm and stretching. To arrange exercise load, the weak parts of the body specialized practice, to prevent the local burden is too big. To master the correct DE behavioral essentials, training can't rush, counter rotating athletes to play trampoline basic technical basis, development difficulty step by step. < / p > < p > 6。 Cultivating good psychological quality of athlete < / p > < p > in trampoline training, the coach is not only to assist and develop the teaching and training of athletes, but also is good at using the psychological education training athlete's good psychological quality, maintain good state of mind. To improve the athletes' mental endurance and psychological adjustment ability, self-improvement, self-reliance, self-confidence, encouraging more, more communication, more sure, praise more, build a stable psychological environment. < / p > < p > all in all, in order to make the athletes have better physical condition for trampoline competitions, reduce the occurrence of sports injury, in the process of training, must take the necessary precautions for the possible causes of the sports injury factors to identify and control, to ensure that on the premise of ensure the safety of athletes in sports training, in order to achieve better training effect. < / p >
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