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2019 - 10 - 15 11:19:11

traditional children's park there are two types: one kind is outdoor children's playground, one kind is indoor children's paradise. Outdoor playground, a relatively large scale, part is set in a park or amusement park. Theme clear positioning, the choice of project facilities and equipped with mainly aimed at teenagers and young. In order to achieve this project park itself is the fundamental purpose of the profit, on the choice of equipment and facilities and supporting it is difficult to associate it with the purpose of the service type absolute separate groups of age levels, often meets the requirements of all ages. This type of outdoor children's playground, due to the different theme orientation, investment scale of the project quality the good and bad are intermingled, no unified mode and standard. Basically are in children's amusement equipment and implement as the main point of interest, form a complete set of themed landscape design is a basic means of marketing. Such park in order to achieve the goal of profit maximization, cannot be completely locked in on the equipment facilities equipped with the level of children, in fact is not true sense of children's paradise. But a traditional amusement parks.
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