Take notes in the bumper cars

Take notes in the bumper cars according to our visit, many operators all have no or significant posted at the entrance of bumper car playground playground considerations, that there is a big security hidden danger, we start from basic to write the bumper car park should pay attention to some problems.     1, 2 people per car capacity, please follow the attendant's instructions.     2, a bumper cars must fasten your seat belt, may not solve in the driving seat belt, & emsp;   3, shall not stand in the operation of the vehicle or away from the city, after the vehicle to a complete stop to get off.     4, please raise your hand if you have things in traffic sign for staff.     5, it is prohibited to have high blood pressure, heart disease, alcoholism, and can't afford to adventure in the game.     (under the age of 6, 7 1 meters) Children declined to ride alone, must be accompanied by an adult.     7, banned visitors play barefoot.     8, please visitors to keep your belongings, in case of loss or damage.     9, belong to high speed running on the local vehicles, such as accident consequences.     10, treat people listened to by management personnel assigned by car, by the table, midway may not be any change of vehicle.     If there is any violation of above regulations and unexpected consequences.
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