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  • New product design -- Rocket
    New product design -- Rocket
    Bouncia New product design -- Rocket
  • Custom Inflatable Commercial Water Park
    Custom Inflatable Commercial Water Park
    All items in this park are commercial water inflatables. They are made of commercial grade 32oz PVC material which can last for more than 5 years under the sun. Our commercial water inflatables are both suitable for fresh water and salty water. Whether your water area is lake or sea, our commercial grade water inflatables items can meet your need.This Bouncia Commercial inflatable water park is installed in a lake in Picton Ontario Canada. After tried several stand-alone commercial water inflatable elements, this water park owner finally ordered our most popular combination park100 and expand their original commercial inflatable park. It is funnier than only stand-alone water inflatable items and can attract more tourists!?The exciting water inflatables like giant inflatable water slide, jumping blob tower, water slide tower make this commercial inflatable Park very fun. You can run, climb, jump on this fun commercial inflatable park with your family or friends. Holding a birthday party. With your friends on a commercial inflatable water park like this is also a cool choice. When summer comes, is there a better place than this commercial inflatable water park?Here are the general specifications:Dimensions:50m*34m(164ft*112ft)Min. Water Depth: 2.5m/8.2ftCapacity : 120 people  
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